Future as a Service

Shaping and Experiencing the Future Together

In a world of endless possibilities, numerous methods like future-building, speculative design, and participatory innovation processes offer exciting ways to contemplate future scenarios. However, these ideas often remain abstract and inaccessible to those not directly involved. Our approach goes a step further: With "Future Writing" — creating stories set in imaginable futures — we make visions of the future directly tangible.

Our uniquely designed workshops combine proven future-thinking methods with creative writing. We firmly believe that anyone can write, anyone can devise future visions, and anyone can transform these visions into compelling stories. Depending on the thematic focus, our workshops are divided into two sections:

This approach not only makes future ideas thinkable and communicable but also translates them into concrete project proposals: "How might we...?"

Our goal is to transfer future-thinking methods from theory to practical applicability. We create connectivity, enable implementation, and demonstrate that we can actively shape the future. Our moderators support both from a future research perspective and creative writing standpoint.

Example topics of our workshops:

  • Agility in Companies: Experience the story of a new employee witnessing her company's agile transformation.
  • Sustainable Tourism: Follow a young couple as they discover and experience the sustainable tourism offerings of a location.
  • [Your topic here]: Design your personal future story with us.

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