Our Mission:

Developing a Future We Want to Live In

For several years, especially technical development has been progressing so rapidly that we, our society, and each individual can only react. No one can predict what our reality will look like in 10 or 20 years. But we no longer even have a notion of what futures could or should look like. Without a vision of livable futures, however, we cannot act. We are flying by sight. We react to what comes.

Shaping instead of reacting

Our goal is to actively shape the future: By collectively envisioning ideas for a livable future, writing them down, bringing them together, and creating opportunities to implement them.

Every individual can conceive and write about a desirable future

We work towards this goal by combining structured and creative thinking about the future with writing, particularly using methods from Science Fiction / Speculative Writing. This can create realities that are accessible and understandable to others, serving as a starting point for exchange, discussion, and collaboration.

Our vision is to collect these stories and develop them into larger visions in a variety of formats and forms, so that we can work on their realization both individually and collectively.

Future-as-a-Service is a project within the framework of demoFutures.